Star Wars: The Old Republic has got officially turned 5 today which inside people years is kind of young but for any massively multiplayer identify its a very impressive milestone. Ringing in the party beyond the /dance and required anniversary fireworks is an honors trailer showing some of the more recent reasons to return to a galaxy a long way far away.

Along with the visible blockbuster comes some sort of heartfelt letter through Producer Ben Irving wherever he details whats designed the journey the most powerful. Theres a lot to be thankful for and he hits on much of this but overall his gratitude is mostly shone over the fans. A greatly multiplayer game could not exist without a neighborhood and at the heart from the Star Wars universe is definitely family.

“It is with that humble and glad heart that I mean thank you to all of yourself for being here through the years to share the journey here and to help us convert the epic venture that is Star Wars into a match you could love and share with your friends and also families.”

Lastly, the SWTOR team has gathered personality selfies into a player collage. Try to find yourself under and read Ben Irvings 100 % anniversary blog in this article. If youd like to soar into Star Wars: The earlier Republics latest expansion in that case youll be happy to hear the primary chapter in Knights of the Eternal Throne currently is free.