In a month full of matches, it seems hard to sustain everything coming out which means that early on at the beginning of the age. Horizon: Zero Dawn is looking to make it is mark as a brand new IP and what superior way to spread the phrase than a new Television spot?

The commercial truly does a fantastic job summing up easily just what Horizon: 0 % Dawn is all about, and what the protagonist Aloy will likely be doing in the game. Other than looking gorgeous as always some impressive pictures it makes it easy to comprehend the world the game arises in. It looks techno-sci-fi as always and only seems to sweeten the pot.

Aloy gives a brief rundown regarding just what her narrative is in this story of machine vs .. man and how planet is no longer up designed for debate when it comes to individual dominance, with a chance straight out of The Last of Us to open, its the grim reality, whilst looking gorgeous.

Check out of trailer below: