With E3 just under a month aside, I take a look at video game titles and devices that you simply probably won’t view much of.

1 – The Last Guardian

The The new sony exclusive has been late repeatedly during it has the development. The headline was originally slated as a PS3 launch, but has considering been moved to any PS4 game. The concept seemed dead in water, but Sony performed state earlier this year which actually work was still continuing on the project and remained expected to be released. Sony models did allow the trademark for the title to run out which would suggest many people don’t intend to continue on development, but they have since blamed that on an administration miscalculation and have filed to have the trademark back. Id often be hugely surprised if there’s any mention of this unique during Sonys press discussion, but an announcement or possibly new gameplay travel trailer will probably make the online world explode.

2 – Half Living 3

Does much more need to be mentioned about this game? Rumours are constantly circulating and also the game itself is now somewhat of a story. There is nothing to suggest which Valve intend to state Half Life 3 any time soon, let alone for E3. Personally I think IF Half Life 3 ever in your life sees the light connected with day it will be saddled with the release of a VR headphone.

3 – Microsoft VR Headset

Sony are making fantastic progress with their VR pair of headphones, Morpheus, and other VR headsets similar to the Oculus Rift are likely to see full price releases by Q1 2016. It would appear VR is potentially your next big thing in games. However Microsoft have been tight lipped over the technology and have yet to help announce if they prefer to integrate VR with the System One. They will have the HoloLens at E3 but I dont think they will be announcing just about any VR games, and itll are more focused on other press. With the Kinect previously struggling I expect to have Microsoft to wait until Oculus and also Morpheus are released before making a determination on VR, with them having more focus on the Microsoft xbox kinect at this years E3 rather than a fresh accessory.

4 – PlayStation Move

Sony get barely even regarded their failed activity tracking camera since consoles release, so i expect nothing several at E3. At this stage it seems that Sony would rather individuals forget about the Move for a standalone device is this indicates they are going to package it a Morpheus controller. While I dont think they will say any PlayStation Move exclusive games I’m sure the device will be demonstrated in VR demos and various Morpheus related announcements.

5 – Brand new Nintendo Console

Earlier this year Wii announced that they are setting up a new home console. While using the announcement that the brand-new Zelda game will be postponed into next year, lots of thought that was a indicator it would release along with Nintendos new console. I really cant see Nintendo abandoning the Wii You actually just yet though. My partner and i expect they will publicize a new game in 2010 with their new games system being the focus involving E3 2016.

6 – Console Price Reductions

Since their own release in The year 2013, Ps4 and Xbox An individual have received numerous discount rates and reductions. Even so dont think either business will be announcing just about any permanent price special discounts this year. The system bundles out there are currently selling well and have absolutely allowed the gap forwards and backwards consoles to be not open significantly. While models are moving when it reaches this rate there is no cause of Sony or ‘microsoft’ to drop the price. We expect both providers to announce slender line versions pick up so thats when expense reductions will be probable.