For the month of September, Xbox Stay Gold members can receive four games, all for free. It is important to be aware that if you are playing predominantly on the Xbox A single and no longer have an Xbox 360, you can continue on along with link the free matches to your account in preparation with the upcoming backwards match ups update.

Xbox One

If you like the thought of deer going on adventures, this may be for you.

The Deer God could be the first of the game titles offered for free, for the whole month for September. It is a aspect scrolling platformer with pixelated graphics the spot where you play as a deer (when the name implies).

Same sport, prettier graphics.

From May 16th to March 15th, Tomb Raider: Certain Edition can be your own property for free (likely pending the upcoming Surge of the Tomb Raider). It is an HD remake with the original Tomb Raider with all the current DLCs included, which was released for last gen consoles, which in turn is actually a reboot of the operation.

Xbox 360

At least the cover craft is fairly representative of your gameplay: planes plus ships galore.

From the very first of September on the 15th, you can get their hands on Battlestations Pacific, one of the comparatively few RTS games which are on consoles. The sport is based on the actions of america and Japanese navies within the Pacific theater involving World War II, and as such you can find around ships of all kinds. Unlike most other RTS game titles, Battlestations Pacific does allow you to take direct control over your units, helping you to fly around from a plane for example.

A bend, and a shot of the destroyed New York City, a bit typical of most ending of the world scenarios.

The loved one of the month regarding September will let you acquire Crysis 3, the last game of the Crysis series, famous for it’s on the fly weapon customization and new ipod nano suit that lets you have numerous abilities such as cloaking and super energy. As the cover fine art implies, it turned out when bows were all anger in video games, and therefore you can use a bow with arrow types in the game.