Humble Bundles rarely profit, so for anyone who skipped the Sierra bundle, might be your chance to get it all over again. You can pay what you would like to get the Space Pursuit Collection, Phantasmagoria 1 and a pair of, the Police Quest Selection, and Shiftlings. Beating the standard of around $10 gets everyone those and Arcanum, TimeShift, Pursuit of Glory 1-3, and Gabriel Soldier 1-3. Paying $15 gets you all that and Caesar 3-4, Geometry Wars About three, the King’s Search Collection, and Speed 2X. This is a reliable value for those who skipped it before – and achieving it just for Geometry Competitions 3 isn’t a terrible idea since that by itself is $15 and this receives you that and newer games like TimeShift next to a slew of adventure games.