Developers Beautiful Glitch are actually quite busy not long ago, having spent days gone by year-plus working on both their very own upcoming multiplayer dating sim Monster Party and the Indie Gary Zine art book. Between all of that, though, they’ve continually teased screenshots for another game of theirs referred to as Mazeman over Twitter, however haven’t revealed a great deal about it (compared to their own other projects, a minimum of). Finally, though, they’ve pulled back the layer (or more of the drape, anyway), and now they may have Mazeman up on Steam Greenlight, looking for some help to seek permission in the service’s ultimate months.

As seen in a clip below, Mazeman is a top-down dream action game that has a retro pixel art design and style, and upon initially glance, it may without delay draw comparisons so that you can Zelda and/or Bomberman. At its most rudimentry level, the goal is to purchase the key in each phase and head for the actual exit, but the game’ersus large variety of mazes holds several secrets to locate. Those secrets include optional challenges, parts of narrative revealing more info on the maze and worls, and twenty-three other heroes with different styles to be able to unlock, thus with any luck , providing a ton of replay cost. Mazeman does look incredibly fun indeed, therefore if you’re interested, go to its Greenlight page to aid support it.