NetherRealm Studios has tested a trio of girls who’ll be struggling for your heart during Injustice 2.

After last week’s Black Canary show you?brought a fan-favorite lady superhero into Injustice 2. NetherRealm has revealed three more ?completely new female fighters intended for Injustice 2. Catwoman, Cheetah, together with Poison Ivy join this cast with each taking their own set of skills to your table. Their introduction brings the total amount connected with characters up to something like 20.

Poison Ivy was first teased several weeks back alongside Bad thing and Robin. At that point, Bane is the merely character waiting to be confirmed. Catwoman returns from Injustice: Gods Among Us, as well as, based on what she says to Batman in the trailer, have tried to turn over a different leaf between the events of equally games. Cheetah, a Wonder Girl villain, is a brand brand-new addition, and looks to combine speed and bestial instincts to create a exceptional fighting style.

With 20 or so confirmed characters, it’lmost all be interesting to observe how many more happen to be in the pipeline. For launch, Injustice: Gods In our midst had 24 playable characters. We’ll likely get some more announcements as we march in direction of Injustice 2’s Could possibly 16 release for PS4 and Xbox One particular.