Crytek has confirmed that this PS VR timed-exclusive Robinson: Your journey is coming to Oculus Rift very soon.

Robinson: Your way was one of the talked about titles for Ps VR thanks to its attractive visuals and alternatively long running time. Pretty soon, Oculus Rift owners will be able to collect the game. Crytek has says the game will arrive on the Rift in Thinking about receiving, but did not supply a date.

Robinson: The Journey positions players in the shoes of Robin, a good boy left trapped on a planet pursuing the aftermath of a doomed space voyage. Making use of his wits, Robin must survive a new planet teeming using dinosaurs, adventure, and secrets. Thankfully, he’ll be accompanied by AI system HIGS and the baby T-Rex, Laika.

Be apt to check out our entire review of Robinson: Your journey on PS VR. We’ll let you know when Crytek broadcasts a proper release night out.