The first of five designed DLC packs for Unfamiliar: Isolation is slated to arrive next week, Sega declared earlier today. Eligible Corporate Lockdown, the add-on brings out three new road directions for the game’s Survivor Mode, with each road map having its own leaderboards and also bonus objective. There will also be a new Gauntlet Mode, in which requires players to perform all the maps back-to-back with no dying. The DLC additionally adds a new playable character and explains more details regarding the incidents on Sevastopol Station. Except for announcing the new maps for Alien: Remote location, Sega also released any?synopsis for them.?Seegson Management Ransome has learnt that she has been abandoned by way of his paymasters. Knowing that any Torrens is on the way, he / she decides to make her escape and problem a ride aboard, taking decoded Nostromo data with him. However, even though escaping he would like to tie up a few loose ends.

Corporate Lockdown will can come next Tuesday, October 28th and will expense $8.99 in the US,?5.59 in the UK and?6.Ninety nine in Europe. The three new maps ignore the names of Severance, Scorched Globe and Loose Ends, and serve to provide a taste of things in to the future. Alien: Isolation are certain to get four more DLC packages?between November along with March, each consisting of a new playable identity, new maps, targets and game modules. The forthcoming add-ons will be called Trauma, Safe place, Lost Contact and The Trigger. Specific launch dates for these DLC bags have not been announced, nonetheless we are bound to find out all about them as we approach their respective launch dates. In case you don’testosterone want to purchase each one pack individually, just buy the Alien: Seclusion Season Pass to get 25% off in the process.

Corporate Lockdown will probably be available next Thursday for the PC, Playstation 3 250gb, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions for Alien: Isolation.